The world is moving towards most advanced technologies every day and AR in Business is creating a buzz around the globe through its diverse areas of application in the Business world. The most innovative and successful businesses have bridged the gap between the target audience and their products through the application of AR in Business.

What is AR

Augmented reality (AR) is the use of technology to expand the horizons of reality by overlaying, imposing and superimposing digital information onto real-world environments which can be viewed through a device to augment real-life experiences.

Difference between AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) uses digital information to add images, graphics, sounds, and videos to an existing real-world environment. Virtual Reality (VR) on the other hand creates an artificial environment around users and immerses them in an interactive world.

How does AR work?

The camera feed first recognizes and analyzes the location and objects in the environment of the user. Then the AR software or AR app blends digital elements into the environment in real-time. The user then views the AR content trough a camera or smart glasses and the digital component is displayed in such a realistic way that it becomes part of the reality.

Endless possibilities of AR in Business

AR technology is trending the market with sought after benefits for the various Business areas. It is currently used in gaming experiences, interactive navigation systems, tourism, luxury products, online shopping, and athletic products. Many developers are exploring the countless possibilities of AR in disruptive techniques to complement the demands of this new digital era. AR technologies are used as an innovative marketing technique to connect deeply with customers and strengthen brand loyalty among them through their creative features.


  • You only need a smartphone or smart glasses to enjoy an AR experience rather than bulky VR headsets.
  • AR has greater application in the Business world due to the lesser requirement of equipment.
  • It is very feasible for Startups due to the low costs involved.
  • It provides the best of both worlds by combining the real and virtual worlds.
  • AR enhances human-to-human interactions by immersing it with digital content.


  • AR technology requires the analysis of large data sets leading to security and privacy concerns.
  • The recording of the environment is performed in real-time possessing legal concerns about the use of images of people and their private property.
  • The costs can also vary according to the complexity of the AR technology used. Most advanced AR software and applications can become costly.
  • AR technology can have its own drawbacks if the user does not relate to the physical cues of the real environment and indulge in risky behavior by being less vigilant about the surroundings .
  • AR technology can sometimes seclude the user from its own environment causing disassociation of reality.

Where to get AR?

Some software companies and mobile app developers have invested tremendously in AR and are developing innovative features to facilitate their users. The costs of each software and application vary significantly as there is no market cap on this software and are tailor-made for each client’s requirements. visionar is a leading software Company providing specialized AR solutions to Businesses, agencies, developers and creative individuals. All these customers can create and customize their AR solutions and AR applications through a user-friendly interface and without any programming skills at an affordable price.