Your success as a freelancer in an app developer job is in the branding and a targeted consistent acquisition.

As a freelancer in an app developer job, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits. You often work where you enjoy it, make your working day flexible and decide as an app developer by your own on which projects you work on. However, reality too often presents itself from a less beautiful side. Because the relationship between available time and freelance jobs is unbalanced. Times with good order situation alternate continuously with contract-free periods. For you as a software developer an unsatisfactory condition that you can change with just a few tips.

What is the market looking for – where are your competencies?

Continuing education is the basis of every successful app developer. For example, successful freelancers reserve a clearly defined timeframe each week for their personal development, keeping them up to date with the latest findings in the branch. This is especially important as innovation cycles are way shorter in the software development compared to any other industry.

However, the question arises as to whether you will make the right course with your personal further education for a successful app developer job of the future. It is important to always be up to date in your area of ​​expertise. However, in terms of future development, it may be useful to target specific niches where demand is significantly outstripping supply. Therefore, continuous market observation and a competence development based on the findings derived from it are indispensable.

After all, there are many app developers in the strongest market segments who hardly stand out from each other. Those segments that are rated “others” often lack experts. An example is the mobile segment with the operating systems Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry. Two GULP market studies ( show the evolution of the freelancer demand and the current situation in this market.

As an app developer you are a specialist – communicate it

Your potential customers must clearly recognize your expertise in the offered app developer job. Therefore, the correct communication of all skills is an important step on the way to a consistent order situation. Only in this way, interested companies perceive the required competence at first glance when looking for an app software developer. But what does correct communication mean?

To find an answer here, ask the question of what the customers are looking for. It is not only about technical requirements, but also about a variety of soft skills. The results are based on your communication strategy, which dispenses with empty phrases and places your competencies objectively and convincingly in the foreground.

Modern communication simplifies acquisition

Thanks to modern technologies, costly and time-consuming acquisitions are a thing of the past. Nowadays social media, own blogs or a well-known freelancer stock exchange form the basis for a successful acquisition. More and more companies are offering jobs for freelancers on their career websites alongside traditional job offers. This is making it easier to find each other. An excellent opportunity for building a customer base are job portals that rely on freelancer projects. A professional Facebook and web page will help you raise the visibility and prominence of your profile.

In addition to usual channels, special freelancer portals are an important way of contacting potential customers. One of the most renowned freelancer portals with attractive app developer jobs is GULP ( They mostly offer large IT projects. Other recommended adresses are for example (, ( or the Freelancer stock exchange project work (

Network and use personal relationships

Without constant networking, neither optimal branding nor perfect communication will lead the desired results. Many orders do not come about directly, but about the recommendation of one contact to another one. A good opportunity is talking to interested people about your job and your strengths during a business brunch and similar events. Such discussions are important triggers of the readiness for recommendation.

In special groups of social media, but also on the pages of the local chamber of commerce, you will find a selection of these interesting dates.

Branding – a topic for app programmers

The use of freelancers in the economy is becoming increasingly important and is reflected in various constellations. Many companies outsource an app developer job to individual software developers. More often, however, the freelancer complements an existing team in the company with his know-how. Use the advantages of branding to convince your clients of your abilities.

As a brand you give a promise that triggers a positive feeling. This leads to a higher willingness of recommendation.

  • Behind every brand is a product with a USP
  • Your brand creates a positive image in the imagination of your (potential) customers
  • As a brand you are perceived beyond your target group

Use your brand as an important element of targeted marketing. It is the foundation of your successful path and corresponding order consistency.